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Become a member




As a member of DEGUFO you enjoy many advantages. Below is an overview:

- Get the print magazine „DEGUFORUM“ four times a year
- Obtain a membership card (optional)
- Price reduced participation to events of DEGUFO
- Inclusion in internal mailing list of DEGUFO (optional)
- Get enhanced access to information, downloads, etc. (optional)
- Opportunity to borrow literature
- Access to the online association office and thus on the club archive with probably the largest collection of cases in Germany (under construction)
- Contributions and donations are deductible for income tax
- Members can actively participate in the club, we offer a total of 13 working groups
- You can investigate UFO cases themselves (if suitable)
- You get access to the memberspage of the DEGUFO UFO database (on request)

You see, a membership is worth it! Read more about our membership fees below:

A: Normal membership fee: 50,00 Euro. Time for payment: Once a year (semi-annual payment possible on request). The one-time admission fee is € 15.00 and does not apply if "direct debit" is selected as payment method.

B: Lower membership fee: 25,00 Euro. Time for payment: Once a year (payment in instalments (five instalments) possible). This post is aimed at students, graduates of voluntary service, and socially disadvantaged people. The one-time admission fee is € 15.00 and does not apply if "direct debit" is selected as payment method.

C: Sponsoring membership fee: € 10,00 / € 25,00 / € 50,00 each month or a freely defined fee. Sponsoring members support the club financially. There are no special rights for a sponsoring member. The one-time admission fee is € 15.00 and does not apply if "direct debit" is selected as payment method.
What is a sponsoring member?
A sponsoring member supports, as to say is sponsoring the club, without creating administrative costs at all. The administrative effort is low for the club as for the sponsoring member. The sponsoring member supports the club with a monthly contribution of at least 1,00 €. However, the sponsoring member can determinate the amount’s height by himself.
Why becoming a sponsoring member?
You want to support our club, but you cannot afford to spend lots of money, or you do not want to load costs on the club, then the supporting membership is ideal. The fact that a sponsoring member will not be included in the real club status, it remains without a voice at member meetings.  But the sponsoring member is mentioned on the website by name and receives an annual report on the activities of the Association by email.
What is the contribution as a sponsoring member?
Every sponsoring member can determinate the contribution by him- or herself, tough, it has to be at least € 1,00 monthly. This due has to be payed in advance and is collected by direct debit from your bank account. If the sponsoring membership is  applied during the calendar year, the fee is due by the end of the current calendar year. In January of next year, the amount for the entire year is drawn again. Discounts for events are only received by full members of the Association!
How do I stop a sponsoring membership?

Just write an E-mail or a letter to the chairman. Membership is always possible at the end of the calendar year, without any adherence to deadlines. In case of a non-payment of the membership fee, the membership ends automatically.
How to become a sponsoring member?

You can either fill out the form on our website or write an E-Mail or a simple letter to our chairman. After payment of the contribution you will get an entry at our directory of sponsoring members.

Do you send a transfer receipt?

Every sponsoring member is receiving a transfer receipt when cashed.  It is tax-deductible. An admission fee is not due.
In addition, we offer the family membership. The family membership offers special membership discounts. The following fee scales apply to the family membership:

1st Member: Contribution is estimated at 100%. 2nd Member: Contribution is estimated at 50%. 3rd Member (and all following family members): Contribution is estimated at 25%.

Requirements:  Marriage / Cohabitation or legal recognised  stable partnership, biological or adopted children. Every family membership / household receives one copy of DEGUFORUM. Besides that, all benefits of a normal membership are to be valid.
Existing non-members who are receiving the DEGUFORUM can subscribe now as a member. In the first year there will be only paid the subscription price, second year the normal contribution currently in force has to be payed. Here, however, is that the membership must remain at least 2 years.

Clue : If someone came into financial difficulties or are unable to pay its contribution in one lump sum, then we kindly ask you to send a message. We will surely find a solution agreeable to all parties. Please note that additional costs to you will appear by non-payment. These include the late fees and the cost of a debt collection procedure. We believe this has not to come true. Therefore, you should always consult to accounting with such problems. Thank you!