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Cross-group working groups

Several working groups are offered under the auspices of DEGUFO, available for members of the three UFO-research Groups and also for individual researchers. The reason is, that it’s a waste if everbody gets results on his own just to gather dust in the archives, or possibly several parallel work take place simultaneously. So we are progressing a big step in the course of desired cooperation of UFO research groups if interested parties come together in a working group and caring about one topic. But it is also important that everyone accepts the views and opinions of his colleagues. Further valuable synergy effects arise to advance the UFO research in Germany and make it even more effective.
There are already requests to participate.
So if you are interested in attending a working group, feel free to contact the Board of the DEGUFO ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).
There’s a discussion forum usable for the work simplification. Every work of the working groups can be discussed there.
The following working groups are established by the DEGUFO (to read the tasks and objectives, please click on a group of your choice):

1 - Radar-, Pilot-, Astromer-, and Police-sightings
2 - FOIA-Documents
3 – Alien Disclosures
4 - Crop circles
5 – Animal mutilations
6 – Unknown sea objects
7 – Men in black
8 – Foreign Countries
9 – Statistic
10- Photo and Video analysis
11- Instrumental UFO-research
12- UFO stimuli
13- UFO history
14- UFO central archive
15- Close encounters (CE1-CE3)
16- Problematic UFO / Good UFO

We also have installed some special working groups, which we would like to present here:

- The Lightning Shells of Greifswald (08.24.1990)
- The triangle UFO’s
- The German UFO documents and their treatment
- Cigar-UFO’s