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Objectives of work

The DEGUFO aims to explore the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects on a scientific base. Therefor witness reports are received and investigated over qualified questionnaires, as well as international case material collected and reviewed, if necessary.
The DEGUFO also deals with the edge phenomena.  The DEGUFO captures these phenomena and examines and takes position to it. Theresults of the group is reported regularly to the publication organ.

The DEGUFO has the following goals:

- Receiving  and investigation of UFO sighting reports
- Public, truthful reporting about the overall phenomenon
- Workup of case material
- Building a global archive of UFO research (model: AFU)
- Building a global archive of UFO sightings from around the world (model: UFO-Database)
- Encouraging public acceptance of the phenomenon through targeted technical information to the media
- Encouraging objectivity in the UFO scene
- Encouraging information about the worldwide phenomenon
- Encouraging the willingness of active collaboration. A club is a participatory action and no auditorium
- Formation of working groups for evaluation and assessment of the phenomena
- Cooperation with media, related groups and other institutions
- Questioning of what lessons can be learned from the case data of the recent phenomenon. What’s behind it? At this time, is there a possibility for judgement of cases that are uncertain? Is there evidence to suggest something? If no, which specifications has to have an object, to implement the events resulting in the individual sighting? Which there are parallel cases to the individual sightings? How does the parallels look like, is it possible to draw comparisons from different observations and conclusions?
- Creation of data catalogs to different priorities
- Efforts to reveal documents about unidentified flying objects in Germany or the german speaking regions (Police, ministries and so on…)
- Creating an internet portal, where interested visitors can get information of past cases. This information should contain case descriptions, artwork, estimates, analysis and accompanying material. The interested party shall have available all necessary data in one click.