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The Board of DEGUFO

The DEGUFO is managed by the first and second Chairman. The Board is supported and relieved by the director in their work. The following provides an overview of the Management Board:

Name:Alexander Knörr
Year of birth: 1972
In the DEGUFO since: 2001
Office in the DEGUFO: 1st Chairman (since 2007)

 Name: Marius Kettmann B.A.
Year of birth: 1982
In the DEGUFO since 2010
Office in the DEGUFO: 2nd Chairman (since 2011)

Name: Christian Czech
Year of birth: 1980
In the DEGUFO since: 2010
Office in the DEGUFO: Webmaster(since 2010), Cash Custodian, Secretary(since 2011)