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We are a group of UFO-interested parties who have joined forces in June 1993, to ask the question: "Does UFO’s exist or not" and get to the bottom point of this. We also want to allow the UFO topic in Germany getting the importance that it has long since reached in other countries.

We have set the following tasks and objectives:
specific research and analysis of the UFO incidents in the German-language speaking region to a rationally and scientifically verifiable basis; categorization, cataloging, and publication of the data in order to reduce, as medium-and long-term effect, the  existing prejudices about UFO's.
Contact- / information exchange with other UFO research groups worldwide.  As a result, the information of members and other interested parties about global developments and trends.
Cooperation with government authorities, the press, radio and television, to highlight through effective public relations and educational work, the credibility of the UFO subject - away from the "green men"!
Lectures, seminars, workshops and other events that serve to disseminate information and training.  In March 1994, we were able to organize the largest and most successful UFO exhibition to date in the German-language speaking regions, when within 14 days, more than 250,000 visitors were counted during our conference in Sulzbach near Frankfurt 23./24.09.1995.